Please read the two following very important and additional points...

The importance of this outline first is to inform you if you are currently covered with Deacon (GWL) that your coverages will end June 30, 2015. To assist you further with the enrolment opportunity with Kechnie Benefits, I have attached your relevant Kechnie Benefit information and printable forms.  Please take the needed time to look through the information of this excellent Health and Life Benefits program. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact myself (at 778-808-0595) or Jeff Kechnie / Linda Kajba direct ( / 1-866-710-7080) as soon as possible, with only several days left before GWL division 007 closes.  

The second very important point of this letter is to inform you that Kechnie Benefits has been able to open up a three month window for every BC/Yukon District Pastor and church Staff Member to be grandfathered into the plan without any medical exams or search into medical history.  This is critical for everyone no matter their age.  This is also very rare among insurance providers - hence the benefit of large groups like ours joining a plan all together.  This is available to everyone, whether they were covered by GWL or not up to this point, but this window will close September 30, 2015.  Following September 30, 2015, every pastor and staff member along with their family members joining may/will be subject to the history and medical checks as well the employee will need to work while covered with Kechnie Benefits for a minimum of 3 years before qualifying for Retirement, LTD or Life benefits (funds or coverages coming your way).  This is a standard practice in the insurance industry.  Therefore, if you are nearing retirement and would like to enjoy the benefits of this plan, it is critical that you would enrol before September 30, 2015.

Many churches have already enrolled this month, while others are quickly trying to research plans to ensure a correct decision at this time. Both of these choices are very understandable, as we need to protect and be good stewards of the Lord's funds and employees.  As the window is closing quickly during these summer months, I would welcome you again to please contact myself, Jeff or Linda at anytime.  Kechnie is a Christian company where many of their staff attend our PAOC churches.  They are very trustworthy and unapologetically do not try to sell or swindle any who are interested to understand more into joining.  All of your questions are valid and very helpful in this time, and with Jeff and Linda you will get a truthful answer to your questions about them or any other providers that you may need help with.

Some of the many extra benefits are "Pastors in Transition" EI top-up coverage to 85% of income instead of the EI 55% (with our many transitions this is very helpful), "180 day International Travel" coverage (with retirement and missions trips this is very helpful), "Retirement" coverage for many years beyond the normal insurance company (with the average life expectancy well beyond 65 years old now, this is very helpful), "Family Critical Illness" coverage for employee AND their family members (with the increase of cancers, etc. also among our family members this is very helpful) along with the very helpful same Health and Dental coverage of the former Deacon (GWL) of 100% coverage with listed exceptions found in the attached package. One additional coverage that will be optional for each church, would be to set up a "non-taxable" extra medical coverage spending account for staff members.  In this medical spending account, the employee would deposit funds of their choice to be used in that calendar year to cover additional items such as glasses, braces, reduced premiums for the upcoming year, etc.  Being non-taxable this would save the employee a lot of money for these extra 'out of the pocket' expenses.

Attached Kechnie has provided us with information/enrolment packages for the July 1, 2015 new program. Attached is a "Preauthorized Payment" form. This "pre-authorized" form is for individuals or churches to make automatic premium payments each month.  Each individual/church situation of payment is different, so please feel free to call concerning any questions.  You may set up automatic "Pre-authorized" claim "returns" later, if you so choose.  Following, claims can be may very quick and easy through a "claims card" or a user friendly "smart phone App".

You will notice in the attached documents that this program is available to all BC/Yukon District Credential holders and church staff members who work a minimum of 20 hours a week. You will also notice that this is mandatory for these same pastor/staff members.  There however are reduced packages for members who's spouses are covered elsewhere.  In these cases, it reduces to the basic LTD/Life type coverages, which their spouse's coverage would not cover. Along with all the many extra benefits and average reduced premiums by 4% from GWL, is this one area to think about.  This practice falls under the Canadian "Anti-selection" regulation.  We have been told by many insurance providers that GWL or any other providers who have yet too, will also soon need to mandate the "Anti-selection" regulation.  However, if this may help Boards in this decision time, during these past 10 years many PAOC churches have been very thankful for covering their staff members while others have regretted not.  I by no means want to use any scarred tactics at all, only that the potential is very real.  Some churches that did not have their staff covered and found themselves in a Critical Illness, Long Term Disability or even Death situation, then found themselves through remorse and somewhat guilt collecting/giving Benevolent assistance amounting up to more than what the premiums would have cost in the first place.  Then to find the family after the benevolence funds were used up, without anything to go further.  Covering our staff members in 'the time at hand' may be a temporary adjustment for the church, but has proven to be 'a long-run expression' of thankfulness all the way around not to mention has also provided great Health and Dental assistance every month of their employment.

Thank you so much for taking this time to read this very important letter.  We will continue to, as we do each day, pray for the Lord's direction for you in these days and times of decision.

District Secretary-Treasurer
BC & Yukon Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
1-604-533-2232 | 234