You probably have heard by now that the District Leadership Team (DLT) of the PAOC BC/Yukon District has decided to move the BCYD District approved Health and Life Benefits over to Kechnie Benefits from Deacon Insurance (Great West Life). Our DLT and District Officers have taken extensive time this past year to investigate the best coverages for our pastors and staff members, and have determined that the same insurance company that has provided coverages for some of and now all of our Eastern PAOC Districts for over 10 years has the best coverage per premium prices. Currently 75% of our Districts including their churches have joined with Kechnie Benefits, where the remaining two Districts are in the midst of discussions. It is no secret that with more participants comes further reduced premium prices and further increased benefits. It is our desire in Districts to help as many as possible to understand the outstanding plus' of and eventually move toward this plan, where in addition their and everyone's premium prices would go down and benefit coverages would go up. Please take the needed time to discover how this plan can help you.