The second very important point of this letter is to inform you that Kechnie Benefits has been able to open up a three-month window for every BC/Yukon District Pastor and church Staff Member to be grandfathered into the plan without any medical exams or search into medical history. This is critical for everyone no matter his or her age. This is also rare among insurance providers - hence the benefit of large groups like ours joining a plan all together. This is available to everyone, whether they were covered by GWL or not up to this point, but the window will close September 30, 2015. Following this date, retiring pastors moving into Kechnie Benefits as well as pastors and staff members moving out of the GWL plan, along with their family members, will be subject to the history and medical checks. Following this date, new church policies would not require medical checks, yet all employees/retirees would need to work while covered with Kechnie Benefits for a minimum of 3 years before qualifying for Retirement, LTD or Life benefits (funds or coverages coming your way). This is a standard practice in the insurance industry. Therefore, if you are nearing retirement and would like to enjoy the benefits of this plan, it is critical that you would enroll before September 30, 2015. 

Many churches have already enrolled this month, while others are quickly trying to research plans to ensure a correct decision at this time. Both of these choices are very understandable, as we need to protect and be good stewards of the Lord's funds and employees. As the window is closing quickly during these summer months, I would welcome you again to please contact myself, Jeff or Linda at anytime. Jeff Kechnie, who attends one of our PAOC churches, and the Kechnie staff are very trustworthy and unapologetically do not try to sell or swindle any who are interested to understand more into joining. All of your questions are valid and very helpful in this time, and with Jeff and Linda you will get a truthful answer to your questions about them or any other providers that you may need help with.