LFP 26: Phil Spoelstra on Church revitalization

Many churches in Canada are in plateau or decline. Why is that happening? Maybe it's because our churches are too busy running church ministries to focus on fulfilling the great commission. It's time for revitalization!

Phil Spoelstra works with the BC/Yukon PAOC district office to lead the charge in church revitalization. 

Get in touch with Phil:


Cell: 778-968-1105

Facebook: Phil Spoelstra

Instagram: @philspoelstra




LFP 25: Andy Moore on life and leadership after a broken marriage

Andy Moore is the lead pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Victoria BC. Glad tidings is a thriving multi-site church with a huge vision, and Andy is a phenomenal leader.

Years ago, Andy went through a significant season of pain as his marriage blew up very publicly. Afterward, he had to figure out what life, leadership and ministry would look like moving forward. This might be the most real and raw conversation we’ve had on the podcast to date. Andy’s story relates to the struggles that many leaders are going through. If you’re struggling, or know someone else who is struggling, I know this conversation will give you hope.

Glad Tidings Church Website: www.gt.church

Visit Andy on social media: @wa.moore 

LFP 23: Carey Nieuwhof on burnout and self care as a leader

Carey Nieuwhof is a prolific blogger and podcaster. He is also the founding and teaching pastor of Connexus Church, a multi-site church in Barrier Ontario. Years ago, Carey suffered a burnout just as his ministry career was seeming to hit its peak. Since then, he has had to rebuild his life and ministry, and learn new ways to stay healthy and sustainable in leadership. 


Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Canadian Church Leaders Podcast

Connexus Church

LFP 22: Paul Fraser on Church Planting in Canada

What's going on with Church planting in Canada? Paul Fraser is the guy to ask. He is the national Church multiplication coordinator for the PAOC. It's a long title, but simply put, Paul is trying to help churches and leaders create more access points for people to experience the Gospel. 

If you are a church planter, or aspiring church planter this is a great conversation to be a part of. Or maybe you are a leader who just wants to see their ministry effectiveness multiplied. Listen in. 

Connect with Paul:

Email – paul.fraser@paoc.org

Facebook Group – PAOC Multiply Network

Twitter - @paocmultiply

Instagram - @paocmultiply

Links mentioned in the interview:

New Churches - https://newchurches.com

Assemblies of God Church Multiplication Network - https://churchmultiplication.net

Lead Net - http://leadnet.org

Church Planting Canada - http://www.churchplantingcanada.ca

C2C Networks - https://www.c2cnetwork.ca

ARC Canada - http://arcchurches.ca


LFP 21: Peter Lewis shares his story of the revitalization of Duncan Pentecostal Church

The story of Duncan Pentecostal Church is common to many - A church that had been faithful for a long time, but was aging and in need of fresh ideas. Peter Lewis came into this situation with a very practical three part vision from God: Feed my sheep, make disciples & pray. 

In today's episode, you'll hear Peter Lewis share the story of the revitalization of Duncan Pentecostal Church. Enjoy!

For more about Duncan Pentecostal Church: http://www.duncanchurch.com/ 

LFP 20: Dave Funk on consistency as the key to fruitful leadership

In today's episode, host Dave Funk shares his thoughts on the importance of consistency in leadership. Fruitful ministry is not developed out of big moments, or ad hoc planning; it comes by making innumerable, small consistent decisions over a long period of time. 

BC/Yukon leaders, don't forget to register for District Conference, March 5-7. 

Check out Carey Nieuwhof's blog, as mentioned in the intro: https://careynieuwhof.com

LFP 19: Andy Gabruch on starting a youth ministry from scratch & the (soon to be launched) Rural Church Apprenticeship Program

You may find yourself in a situation where you really want to develop a youth ministry in your church, but you don't have the time, talent or budget for it. What do you do then?

In this interview, Andy Gabruch offers solutions that any church can apply as they endeavour to plant a life giving youth ministry in their community. Andy also introduces his plans to launch an apprenticeship program to help rural churches plant youth ministries. 

Whether you're a youth pastor, lead pastor or volunteer leader, this conversation will provide you with practical next steps to be more effective in reaching youth in your community. 

Email Andy about the Rural Church Apprenticeship Program: info@nextgenbc.ca

See more on what Andy is doing: http://www.nextgenbc.ca/

Check out Andy's Blog: http://www.andygabruch.ca/



LFP 18: Mick Nelson on engaging culture with the good news

Canada is a huge country, with a variety of cultural contexts. Every Christian leader need to be aware of the challenges their local culture presents to the work of the Gospel. 

In this episode, Mick Nelson, who serves as the Discipleship Pastor at Broadway Church in Vancouver, offers some wisdom on engaging with culture. 

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LFP 16: Megan Marshman on leading from a place of fullness

Are you looking for good news in your leadership? Megan Marshman has some good news for you. Your ministry does not rely on you! You can stop relying on your own strength to lead, and begin to lead out of the fullness of God. 

This session from the 2017 Elevate Conference will encourage, inspire and bless you. 

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LFP 15: Casey Bjorndal on evangelism and the revitalization of the Gideons.

What would it be like if you and your church were better at evangelism? What's holding us back?Fear? Pride? Are we under-equipped?

Evangelism is the heart of the mission of Jesus. Today's guest, Casey Bjornal, will help inspire us and call us out to follow the ways of Jesus in evangelism. 

Casey is also a part of the Gideons. This ministry is more than Bible distribution in hotel rooms. Check out everything you didn't know about the Gideons at http://www.gideons.ca/

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LFP 14: Doug Smith on leading a church through a decade of health and growth

Ever wondered how some churches finally get unstuck and build momentum for growth? Today's episode is a story of one of those churches. Living Waters Church in Fort Langley, BC was a great little community church a decade ago. But it wasn't growing. It wasn't reaching new people. When Doug and Linda Smith arrived, there were about 40-50 faithfully attending. 11 years later, they have two locations, four services, one church plant and over 800 in attendance. How did this happen? In today's episode, Doug Smith tries to shed light on the last decade of his leadership journey. 


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LFP 12: Andy Gabruch on understanding and reaching Millennials

Very few leaders or churches (if any) would claim that they have figured out all there is to know about reaching Millennials. The challenge is great, but the opportunity is greater. In today's episode, Dave Funk interviews Andy Gabruch about the unique challenges the next generation faces, and how today's church can best reach them. 

Check out Andy's Blog: http://www.andygabruch.ca/

And more on what Andy is doing: http://www.nextgenbc.ca/

LFP 11: Church Revitalization Conversation with Jaz Ghag, Clint Lange & Jim Caruso

There are so many great stories of churches that are experiencing new life after a season of decline. Often we wish we could sit down with the leaders of those churches and ask them, "what happened?" In today's episode you get to sit down with THREE!

Dave Solmes does the question asking for you, as he interviews Jaz Ghag, Clint Lange and Jim Caruso about their stories of church revitalization. 

To learn more about Jaz, Clint and Jim and their churches, click the links below. 

Pastor Clint Lange: Hillside Community Church of 100 Mile http://www.hillsidecc.ca/

Pastor Jaz Ghag: Christian Life Assembly, Gibsons, BC http://www.clagibsons.com/

Pastor Jim Caruso: Richmond Pentecostal Church http://www.richmondpentecostal.org/

LFP 10: Sheldon Armitage on developing a flourishing missions culture in the local church

Mission should not merely be a piece of the pie in the local church; it should be its flavour. That's the approach Sheldon Armitage takes to understanding the role of local and global missions. Sheldon's been a pastor and missionary in Europe for over 15 years, and in this episode, he shares his wisdom and experience with us. 

Below you will find the brand new Flourishing Missions Tool for Churches, which Sheldon helped created. This tool will help you shape a culture of missions in your church. In today's episode, you'll hear Sheldon discuss and explain how to best use this resource in your context. 

Flourishing Missions Assessment for Churches

LFP 9: Patti Miller on the challenges of urban ministry in Quebec

Every leader faces challenges unique to their context, but some contexts just seem throw a few extra challenges at us. Patti Miller is facing the challenges of large church urban ministry in Montreal Quebec. To compound these issues, she still faces questions and skepticism about being a female lead pastor. 

Patti is a brilliant and hard working leader, who will encourage you to face your own challenges head on. 

Learn more about Patti and her ministry by visiting the Evangel Church website: http://evangel.qc.ca/