LFP 11: Church Revitalization Conversation with Jaz Ghag, Clint Lange & Jim Caruso

There are so many great stories of churches that are experiencing new life after a season of decline. Often we wish we could sit down with the leaders of those churches and ask them, "what happened?" In today's episode you get to sit down with THREE!

Dave Solmes does the question asking for you, as he interviews Jaz Ghag, Clint Lange and Jim Caruso about their stories of church revitalization. 

To learn more about Jaz, Clint and Jim and their churches, click the links below. 

Pastor Clint Lange: Hillside Community Church of 100 Mile http://www.hillsidecc.ca/

Pastor Jaz Ghag: Christian Life Assembly, Gibsons, BC http://www.clagibsons.com/

Pastor Jim Caruso: Richmond Pentecostal Church http://www.richmondpentecostal.org/