LFP 22: Paul Fraser on Church Planting in Canada

What's going on with Church planting in Canada? Paul Fraser is the guy to ask. He is the national Church multiplication coordinator for the PAOC. It's a long title, but simply put, Paul is trying to help churches and leaders create more access points for people to experience the Gospel. 

If you are a church planter, or aspiring church planter this is a great conversation to be a part of. Or maybe you are a leader who just wants to see their ministry effectiveness multiplied. Listen in. 

Connect with Paul:

Email – paul.fraser@paoc.org

Facebook Group – PAOC Multiply Network

Twitter - @paocmultiply

Instagram - @paocmultiply

Links mentioned in the interview:

New Churches - https://newchurches.com

Assemblies of God Church Multiplication Network - https://churchmultiplication.net

Lead Net - http://leadnet.org

Church Planting Canada - http://www.churchplantingcanada.ca

C2C Networks - https://www.c2cnetwork.ca

ARC Canada - http://arcchurches.ca