LFP 5: Leanne McAlister on empowering women leaders in the Church

In a time when some theological circles are preaching male dominant leadership, there are some who are pushing back in favour of promoting women leaders in the church. In fact, we may be missing out on a huge blessing in the church by alienating women from leadership positions. 

Leanne McAlister has been working to empower women in ministry for years. As an incredible female leader herself, she proves through her own ministry the valuable impact women have in the church. Hear her heart in this interview as she calls for the empowerment of more women leaders.

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LFP 4: Preaching Panel with Luke Knight, Simon Gau & Dave Funk

Is preaching still important today? Can you grow a church without good preaching? What is good preaching? How do we become better preachers? These are some of the questions under discussion in Episode 4 of the Lead Forward Podcast as Dave Solmes interviews Luke Knight, Simon Gau and Dave Funk on the topic of preaching. 

Luke Knight serves at Living Waters Church in Fort Langley, BC (www.lwchurch.ca)

Simon Gau serves at Broadway Church in Vancouver, BC (http://broadwaychurch.com/)

Dave Funk serves at Bethel Church in Penticton, BC (www.betheltab.ca)

LFP 2: Turn Around Stories Part 1

Many churches find themselves at a place where the only course of action seems to be to shut the whole thing down. Sometimes that's necessary, but there is often still hope. 

In this episode, Dave Solmes sat down with three leaders (Derrick Hamre, Leanne McAlister & Cam Milliken) who came into exactly that kind of situation and saw an amazing turnaround. Let these stories of revitalization inspire you and fill you with faith to see turn around in your own context. 

Learn more about the churches in this episode:

Living Waters Church: http://www.lwchurch.ca/

Emmanuel Church: http://emmanuelchurch.life/

Burnaby Christian Assembly: https://centralchristianassembly.com/